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The customer "draws" the shop of the future

The Brand Experience tailored to the consumer

The modern user is no longer just a person who enters a store, evaluates, chooses and buys goods. The modern user is a person strongly interested in living a “Brand Experience”: an immersive and emotional moment that goes far beyond the simple economic transaction. A modern store must therefore ensure a synergy of social media, mobile apps and personal clouds to offer a transparent and fluid experience.

Despite the increasingly marked tendency to use the Internet, the store in a fixed location will remain for a long time the customer’s favourite point of reference. With regard to the availability of the purchased product, habits have changed: from the need for a real-time delivery to the need for a “right time” one, that is in the ideal time and manner for an increasingly mobile customer.

In this regard, our company offers solutions such as cross-selling apps, mobile location-based services (for example geolocation) and the cross-channel experience.

The Customer Experience will be increasingly “tailor made”, measured and targeted at the individual person. The spread of IoT technologies enables the brand to carefully profile its customers and, consequently, propose the product they are looking for, achieving a perfect synergy between physical and digital, that is phygital.

The Retail revolution is underway and promises to completely overturn the way we shop. We have carefully studied the indicators of this phenomenon and we are able to offer solutions, starting from Livion, the platform tailored by CWS, which realize with versatility the multiple installations and equipment of a modern commercial space.