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Industria 4.0

4.0 The future reachable with a click

The connection between physical and digital systems

Industry 4.0” means a productive approach based on the connection between physical and digital systems, complex analyses starting from Big Data and real-time adaptations.

Terms like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and Enabling Technologies have been part of the common language for some years. We are facing the beginning of a new industrial revolution, the fourth of the modern era, which in the coming years will completely upset the way we see this world. The conceptual  blend also includes 3D printers, robots, cloud data management, and the data analysis used to monitor production trends.

The revolution of Industry 4.0 will lead like all revolutions to the disappearance of some tasks and a contextual creation of new figures. The demand for work will therefore be directly commensurate with the disruptive spread of devices connected to the network. The largest investment could prove to be the one to make on the training of new professional figures, a challenge that several universities worldwide and even in Italy have already taken up by creating the first degree courses oriented to the IoT sector.

In Italy, the Ministry of Economic Development has passed a national plan that aims at mobilizing 10 billion euros more in private investments within the next three years and envisages an increase of 11.3 billion euros in private spending for research and development.

This is just the beginning of Industry 4.0, but it is already the present of the production system and its evolution will be more and more imminent.