01 July 2016

A dematerialized company

The race to dematerialization of paper documents has been underway for some time, and more and more companies have decided to migrate different types of documentation to digital format.

CWS Soluzioni Informatiche has honed significant and successful experience in this field. We carried out a dematerialization project of F24 forms (tax forms) for a large financial customer, as well as a similar one for major insurance groups.

The latest client who requested us to streamline their corporate document management is a company that deals with the settlement of claims on behalf of third parties.

The core of the project involves the dematerialization of a large volume of documents related to claim settlement procedures (about 2 and a half million pages), as well as the introduction of rules for classification thereof in order to allow a more flexible retrieval of data details.

To this end, CWS relied on the software used by the client, supporting Kofax applications and bringing to bear the experience honed in other fields. At the same time, it defined for its client a set of rules for document classification.

This project allowed the client to achieve substantial savings in terms of resources and money.

For this reason, it requested CWS’s help also as support for porting from Microsoft to the Java platform, and the subsequent updating of computer applications in use. CWS Soluzioni Informatiche has been able to meet efficiently and skilfully its customers’ requests by leveraging a team of professionally knowledgeable team.

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