01 July 2016

Another success with CAMERA

The exhibition “Panorama”, the first official recognition of the career of photographer and filmmaker Francesco Jodice, was held last year, on May 11, at the CAMERA, Italian Center of Photography, in Turin. Just as it happened for the inaugural exhibition dedicated to Boris Mikhailov and the event titled “On the scene of the crime”, for this occasion too CWS, in the capacity of advisors and partners of CAMERA,   was in charge of installing multimedia equipment. The Center was born in the end of 2015 as exhibition space for the study of photography.

The project we worked on was divided on the basis of the exhibition sections. For the “Secret Traces” space, which tells the story of a photographic project realized by Jodice between 1997 and 2007, we installed four short-throw Panasonic projectors, and just as many speakers.

The second room of the exhibition, called “Citytellers” - a collection of movies on some emblematic global geopolitical contexts created by the artist - required the use of a Panasonic video projector, four speakers, subwoofer and amplifier. The same devices were also used for “Multiplicity”, an installation in which Jodice wanted to give testimony of the sinking of a ship in the Mediterranean by underwater filming of both wreck and passengers’ bodies.

Finally, in the hallway, we installed a video projector, three professional headphones and a 22-inch monitor through it is possible to view content that projects viewers into the scene of a crime cult movie. Player Authorcube, CWS-endorse technology, oversaw the functions of the devices installed, by relying upon the projection and synchronization of audio and video signals.

That is how we were able to work on another exhibition for CAMERA, thus consolidating a partnership that started last year, and confirming once again our outstanding skills in the field of multimedia installations.

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