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1, 2, 3...Yepp!

With young people, for young people

Yepp Italia (Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme) - Association for social promotion - was founded in Turin in September 2011 by a group of professionals who experimented with the Yepp method for 9 years, a project created by the young for the young.

Our company joined this path by supporting the project “Build Your Future2”,a course with the aim of transforming young people, between 18 and 29 years, into enterprising people, stimulating creativity and passing on useful skills for their future work. This course is based on a methodology that includes 5 modules to be carried out in 5 residential weekends. They are: Idea2Opportunity, Brainstorming and Community Mapping, Marketing, Prototyping, Business Plan. They are held by professionals and are useful to provide participants with elements that allow them to think, work up, and finally present an idea that meets a need for their community.

The objective of the Yepp method is to involve young people in the problems of society, to make them think through a path created ad hoc that allows them to get involved by proposing an innovative idea accompanied by some steps of self-assessment useful for a continuous comparison with the expected result.

Thanks to CWS Digital Solutions and to big companies such as Wind and Tre, the project has collected more than 10,000 crowdfunding.

We are committed to training enterprising young people who are able to analyse current problems and propose innovative solutions to build a responsible future.