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An internship for two

The internship with an innovative character

We hosted at our headquarters in Verona a student of the school ITIS G. Marconi of Verona to carry out an internship with an innovative character.

The proposal consists in deepening the knowledge acquired at school and then living an experience at the headquarters of an important customer. The candidate dealt with several issues at an introductory level such as the operation of HTTP/HTTPS protocols, HTML languages, CSS and JavaScript, some aspects of client-side programming, then Web Server and Application Server, server-side programming through the development in Java and web architectures that CWS uses for its customers. During the internship, the project was studied, the timing for its development was estimated, a final proposal was created for the customer and finally a demo application was developed, which includes the main frameworks.

The internship continued then at the Verona headquarters of a major insurance customer. The student made the most of the skills acquired during the month of training, observing in detail the work processes that characterize the relationship with the customer and learning the basics of the operation of a big database. The possibility granted is the result of a collaboration, already started in 2013, with ITIS G. Marconi of Verona. Its aim is to encourage the integration of newly high-school graduates in an important company like that of CWS and provide them with a valid comparison between their current life and the one of the world of work.