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A pen from Guatemala

Doing some good by writing

CWS branded pens have arrived in all the branches of our company. The supply of branded stationery may not even be news, as it is common practice in a big company, if it were not for pens with an important added value.

Their purchase allows the non-profit organization “Sulla Strada” to finance the project “Emporio de las Mujeres” (Women's Emporium), designed to help and support Mayan women who are victims of violence and exploitation in Guatemala. Since 2012, the association has been working in this country of Central America to raise the social status of the disadvantaged female population.

The Emporio is a craft workshop located in a small rural village a few kilometres from the capital, Guatemala City. Eighty women who come from difficult life experiences have been included and the association guarantees them education and integration into the world of work. In the workshop, the beneficiaries of the project produce handicrafts typical of the Mayan tradition and, through this activity, they can leave behind violence and poverty to build a better future.

We are particularly attentive to the social dimension and to charity projects because a small help to these communities allows them to develop an awareness of the skills they have acquired, which determine a personal and economic growth.