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A new way of learning

The internship to gain experience

Learning in the field and growing professionally are the objectives of the internships that are available to many high school students.

Thanks to the collaboration, started in 2013, with the ITIS G. Marconi of Verona, our headquarters of the city is able to accommodate young students for an internship period.

The learning steps include an initial theoretical study on the web, followed by a practical part of code implementation through the Eclipse development IDE. There are three main steps: the first includes the development of a simple SOAP service and a test through JUnit Test; the second is focused on the creation of a web page (JSP) with the use of CSS to recall SOAP services. The third step is about the use of JPA to interact with the data of a database. During the second phase, a customer’s request for software development is simulated. Interns are asked to write a functional analysis and a technical one as well as an estimate of the development time. The software envisages the construction of a Front-end and the development of a Back-end that includes the SOAP services necessary for saving and consulting the data on a database. The CVS code versioning system is also available. The software is run on Tomcat servers.

Through these internships, we offer young students the opportunity to learn the basics of their professions in the field and to measure themselves against the world of work right from the start.