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Squadra Basket

Let's dunk

Two different realities with common values

Basketball and computer science meet to create a winning combination.

The Torino Basket Club was founded in 2006 with the aim of gathering the best young people to create a close-knit team and make it grow.

In 2010, the team was promoted to the regional Serie B but later, due to adverse events, faced a relegation in Promotion. The management decided to start again by betting on those young people who were trained and motivated. This was a profitable choice because, in 2011, the team won the Promotion championship, then was promoted to Serie D, and the following year won the passage to the regional Serie C. In 2016, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the players, the Torino Basket won the promotion to C Gold, the top Piedmontese Serie, led by the well-known coach of Turin, Beppe Carbone.

The merger with the Collegno team gave birth to the Collegno Basket. In 2017, the team was able to hit the playoffs but was eliminated in the first round. In the following season, the red and white CWS team only managed to save itself at the last play-out match.

The 2019 season cultivates the hope of doing better thanks to the inclusion of new players with experience in the higher amateur categories, as well as young people who grew up in the nursery of Piedmontese teams that play in the professional championships.

At some point, the history of this team meets our company: a chance meeting, in 2014, between a manager of the basketball club and the CEO of CWS who were on the same train. The two saw sponsorship as a marketing opportunity and at the same time understood that the principles behind the digital company are the same that guided the birth and growth of the team: enthusiasm, teamwork and willingness to grow.