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Students between school and work

Since January 2017, we have been accommodating, in our branch in Verona, some students from the school ITIS Marconi for a program of school-work alternation intended for 17-year-old young people studying computer science.

The integration continues even after the end of the school year, becoming a period of internship. The objective is double: on the one hand, we offer young computer science students an early entry into the world of work and, on the other hand, we find new potential talented people and take into account a future long-term integration for them.

Before coming to our branch, we present CWS at the school, we collect CVs and our HR department selects people. The contribution of the students who have already experienced the school-work alternation in the Verona headquarters is fundamental: it is a way of telling their peers about the experience, the impressions, the climate and the welcome they received in our branch.

The school-work alternation is based on a programme developed in four business areas in order to provide students with a complete experience. The environments they are requested to deal with are: systems science and networking, studying how to implement an operating system; business intelligence and data analytics, learning the basics of SQL, data extrapolation and interpretation; host&mainframe and departmental environments to provide the basic notions for programming.

Our commitment is based on the awareness of how important it is to nurture young talented people to shape the professionals of tomorrow and build a bridge between the academic and professional worlds.