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A career for a day

Career Day: a day dedicated to the future of students

Since 2015, we have been participating annually in Career Day, the event organized by the school ITIS Marconi of Verona that allows students to meet companies, learn about their solutions and activities, and consider internship, training and career opportunities.

In recent years, we have always tried to stand out by offering attractive technologies for students such as the Oculus Samsung Gear VR, the wearable screen that allows you to experience the emotions of virtual reality. The students experienced the thrill of a ride on the track in a racing car, one of the crown jewels of the new museum of the car manufacturer in Arese, whose multimedia setup has been entirely taken care of by us.

Another innovative system is Face Recognition, which by analysing the face through a video camera is able to reveal biometric parameters such as gender, age and race.

In addition, we have also offered the possibility, thanks to the HR department, to examine the papers to be discussed during the final exam or to analyse and draw up the curricula efficiently. These proposals led about 250 young people to visit our stand, ask for information about technology, even very specific ones, and apply for an internship. During the day, there is the possibility to meet universities and companies rooted in the area of Verona, that is a source of opportunities and comparison.

The Career Day offers the chance to strengthen the link with the school, enables existing activities to have continuity and makes it possible to meet new stakeholders to enter into collaborations or start new synergies with.