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A long-lasting technology

The Mainframe was born in the late 1950s and it is still widely used today in the insurance and banking fields and in governmental institutions. Reliability, availability and easy maintenance are some of the particular features of this system.

We develop solutions within complex markets and we provide our experience in these main topics:

  • Application Maintenance: software and quality improvement.
  • Customized developments: we guarantee functional and process management skills.
  • Document management: production of massive and accounting documents, on demand contracts and customized communications, using different technologies and platforms of document composition.
  • Integrated collection and digitization of documents for the purpose of web archiving.

Why CWS Mainframe

We propose solutions for the realization of interactive and personalized communications, ensuring an immersive customer experience by using telematic channels for less environmental impact.

Our rehosting proposal is based on a software solution that allows you to run your current legacy applications in the mainframe, without modifying the source code, the database and its relations.


The technological evolution of X86 systems makes it possible to think of freeing oneself from the Mainframe dependence and find huge financial resources to invest in innovation and development.

The spread of interactive communications is the solution for a personalized and engaging channel.

Case Study, News and Events in the field of the Mainframe

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