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Cyber Security


The shield against ransomware

Faced with cybernetic pitfalls, companies and organizations need to define robust and flexible defence strategies. 

The application of a synchronized security model enables dialogue between the company firewall and the antivirus software, acting promptly through the isolation of infected elements or the categorization of suspicious traffic generated by the PCs. This enables the creation of instant and timely reporting on the company network.

Why CWS Cyber Security

We build solid protection by identifying the criticality levels and types of threats most likely to affect the context.

We define all potential risks by monitoring abnormal activities in their critical points and guarantee controls throughout the value chain. We stimulate the resilience of systems by simulating realistic attacks to identify critical points to be improved.


Specializations and upgrades are determined to respond to a scenario characterized by a constant level of unpredictability that offers more and more space to cryptographic, biometric and quantum techniques to hinder the scope of attacks.

The aim is to make “objects” immune from dangers of similar magnitude.

Case Study, News and Events in the field of Cyber Security

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