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Developing the People Counter thanks to Livion

The project originally consisted in installing the active devices and managing the interconnection with the data network of the shopping center. Then we managed other devices connected to the network: surveillance cameras, adjustment, focusing and orientation of their electronic eyes, software management and recording and the interaction with the recording system.

The express need of the customer to know the amount of daily accesses that took place in the shopping center has brought to the creation of the People Counter, the latest evolution of Livion. The functionalities and purposes of this application are very simple: by recording the signals emitted by mobile devices with Wi-Fi on, the system is able to collect fundamental data for statistics, advanced analytics and proximity marketing.

Each mobile device is in fact equipped  with its own Mac Address that allows you to know how many people enter the mall, how they move inside it and how many times they come back. This does not affect the privacy, as it is not possible to get sensitive information such as gender, age and personal information.

This is why Livion People Counter is a useful solution to guide marketing choices. For instance, the data collected, updated every 5 minutes, can identify the areas of the shopping center where people stay for a shorter time and understand why. If the system registers a greater number of customers who own a device of the same brand, it can send advertising messages aimed at the identified target.