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The smart wine fridge thanks to the IoT

Livion and IoT, a winning team

It is the first “smart wine fridge” resulting from the collaboration between CWS, which has exploited the potential of the IoT technology, and the Austrian company Datron GmbH, leader in the production of wine fridges for professional wine storage.

The first smart wine fridge is actually an elegant wine fridge connected to the home Internet and enriched by invisible sensors that can monitor temperature, humidity and check the quality of the air.

The sensors record the climatic conditions at regular intervals and, through the Livion IoT #tailoredbyCWS controller, send data to a server that can be consulted by the user through a web application. The system is able to inform the owner of any errors and temperature changes, compared to the pre-set values, and offers valuable support to enjoy their finest wine bottles without any inconvenience. It is possible to create a list with the history of each purchase and obtain advice on storage methods and timing of wine consumption. The “smart” wine fridge can also be programmed remotely to gradually bring the selected wines to the correct serving temperature.

The IoT technology is already successfully used by many wine producers because it allows them to check the correct aging of wines in cask without the need to take samples. – explains Luca Passini, CEO of CWS – With the smart wine fridge we can bring the benefits of the digital revolution in every home equipped with Wi-Fi to improve the state of preservation of their finest wines”.