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About us

A winning team

For a digital company

We were born as a system integrator, but we have been able to expand our offer with services related to digital transformation and multimedia setups.

Our goal is to reduce the gap between technology and business by proposing solutions that can increase efficiency and optimise costs.

We are able to achieve this result thanks to our consolidated experience on the main themes of Information Technology, a methodological approach that is always attentive to innovation and a network of high-level partnerships.

Programmers, analysts,
system engineers, project managers,
graphic designers, communicators,
Not only
system integrators

Our mission

We provide new solutions for the digital evolution of companies.

We are constantly exploring the technological universe for a correct and concrete vision of future scenarios.

We work to streamline and make more effective the internal processes of companies, to design and develop products and technologies, and to strategically process experiences and content for users.

Our values

CWS milestone

Our team is a concrete expression of our personality characterized by the substantial respect for the individual through constructive, loyal and transparent relationships based on the most effective, serene and synergistic collaboration.


Full openness to dialogue, clarity in project management, sincerity in relationships.

The choice of transparency, an authentic and uncompromising attitude, has inspired the colour of the brand: “green amazonite”.


We are moving into a world where everything is new. We evaluate technological developments and their application, we master and direct them towards the most suitable areas and types of users. Our challenge is to keep having a long-term vision, going beyond trends and maintaining a proactive approach in finding the most suitable solutions for each context of reference. 


We establish connections among elements belonging to heterogeneous contexts thanks to our natural propensity for lateral thinking. We create original formulas that synthesize new and effective propositions adopting lean and flexible methods, in an agile perspective.

When people need something that doesn't exist, we create it.


We work to build trustworthy relationships: among colleagues within the team, with customers and partners, in the project context.

We believe that kindness, sensitivity and willingness to listen are the foundations of a path of growth shared by all the people involved. 


Each team member is invited to manage their business effectively and proactively, monitoring progress and results. This principle involves people and the company: we constantly analyse the life cycle of each project to have all the necessary information to be able to make, from time to time, the best decisions.


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Do you need more information about our company, the solutions we offer or are you simply curious to discover something more about what we do? Write to us! We will be happy to answer your questions.

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